Can you design climate agreements and negotiation protocols that lead to a sustainable future?

Join our working group collaboration and this competition to model and foster global cooperation on climate change.

Collaborate with computer scientists, economists, climate scientists, behavioral scientists, legal, ethics, and policy experts.

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We need global cooperation on climate change

Climate change is happening fast. The latest IPCC report warns that it is ‘now or never’ if the world is to stave off climate disaster. However, it is still a race we can win, capping the global temperature increase at 2 degrees Celsius.

To mitigate climate change, we need comprehensive long-term global cooperation. This poses a complex game-theoretic problem. There is no central entity that forces regions to adhere to climate agreements, while regions have individual policy objectives that are often misaligned.

Will your solutions lead to better climate outcomes?

Design multilateral negotiation protocols and agreements that incentivize cooperation on climate change.

Test your solutions in RICE-N: a climate-economic simulation with AI agents that has been calibrated to real-world data.

The simulation features investing, mitigation actions, international trade, tariffs, negotiation, agreements, and more!

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How can you contribute?

Building solutions for climate change is an interdisciplinary challenge: involving machine learning, economics, agent-based modeling, game theory, political science, behavioral science, mathematics, and other disciplines.

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